A family seeking help from well-wishers and health specialists to unveiling their daughter’s mystery

Ronika Irako/Photo, Dennis Avokoywa

Dennis Avokoywa, Kakamega

A family in Buyangu village, Malava constituency of Kakamega county is seeking aid from well-wishers and health specialists to help them unravel the mystery of their daughters suddenly paralysis seven years after she was born.

The 13-year-old Ronika Irako was a pupil in grade 5 at Buyangu primary school with high expectations of becoming a doctor in the future before her dreams were shuttered with sudden paralysis in his leg and arms forcing her drop out of school.

Ronika Irako / PHOTO Dennis Avokoywa

According to Ruth Makhonjio, mum to Ronicah, while in grade 2 her daughter started complaining of pain in her knees only to wake up one morning with paralyzed legs.

Suddenly she couldn't walk, his legs were weak to support him, and she crawled to move. I could carry her in my back to take her to school

“She was born in good health, her problems started when she was seven years old. Each time she woke up, she complained of feeling pain in his legs, she said.

 Their efforts to unravel the mystery by taking her to various health facilities such as Malava and Dreamland hospitals in Kakamega and Bungoma County respectively were in vain as the tests from the said hospitals revealed that she had no complications.

“Suddenly she couldn’t walk, his legs were weak to support him, and she crawled to move. I could carry her in my back to take her to school” added Makhonjio.

Ronika and her mother / PHOTO Dennis Avokoywa

Two years later things changed from bad to worse, while in the grade 3, Ronika complained of similar pains in her arms.

 The family was forced to sell some of their possessions at home such as livestock and farm to cater for her medical expenses.

 "Her hands too became paralyzed, she was forced to drop out of school since most of my concentration to her made her siblings suffer, they could go for days without a meal," she said.

Currently, the family is asking for the intervention of well-wishers and health specialists that will help them determine the source of the paralysis along with other aids such as a wheelchair that will help their daughter able to move and chase after her dreams of becoming a doctor in future.

“My husband depended on cheap labor of weeding and cutting sugar cane to raise money to run the family errands. He however disappeared after several attempts failed to restore her daughter’s life back to normal, I am left to struggling by myself, I rely on cheap labors like weeding for people to feed my family of 6 children, she said



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