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DPP releases report on what killed 15 pupils of Kakamega Primary in a stampede


By Wilson Abiri

The Director of Public Prosecutions has absolved the Teachers of Kakamega Primary School from the blame over what caused a stampede at the school leading to the death of 15 pupils of class four and five that occurred on February 3, this year.

During the stampede, 46 pupils sustained life-threatening injuries but have since recovered.

The 15 pupils who died during the stampede are Salma Oleso Bilal, Antonatte Khayumba, Prudence Eliza, Catherine Aloo, Prince Vermaline, Nichole Achola, Venesa Andeso, Fidel Kumbetie and Simon Waweru. Others are Samuel Simekha, Lavenda Akasa, June Nakhumicha, Joseph Mutsami, Bertha Munywele and Nailah Kiverenge.

In an inquest report that was made public on Monday, June 24, the DPP also noted that the churches that used to conduct services at the school have no hand in the stampede.

He noted that no teacher can be blamed to have caused the stampede given that they were the first persons to rescue the pupils when the incident occurred.

‘There is no clear criminal act that was committed by the teachers during the stampede. We do not have anyone who can be prosecuted in relation to the incident. The stampede was as a result of a natural act,” states part of the DPP report.

The DPP has ordred that a magistrate close the inquest.

However, the parents of the pupils who died in the stampede have dismissed the report, saying they will move to court to seek redress.

Dickson Mchana, a pathologist, said the pupils met their untimely death due to suffocation.





  1. It’s logical. No teacher would intentionally decide to kill his pupils without any links to self gain. May the beautiful souls of the departed rest in eternal peace.


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