Busia leaders hold crisis meeting over deteriorating education standards

By Enock Nyankieya, Busia
The leadership in Busia is banking on a multi-sectorial approach to address deteriorating education standards in the County.
That, the region registered only Six Grade ‘As’ in the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) national examination is enough tilt on the scale that things are not moving in the right direction for a region boasting academia persona.
On Thursday, the County held its first Education Stakeholders Engagement conference at a hotel in Busia town with the view of addressing the challenges ailing the sector.
They include but not limited to inadequate learning facilities, poor school infrastructure, early pregnancies, poor teacher-student-parent engagement and high poverty levels.
Busia County Governor Paul Otuoma flanked by local leaders and stakeholders in the education sector
Busia Governor HE Dr Paul Otuoma who chaired the forum alongside County Commissioner Kipchumba Rutto highlighted the need for the two levels of government to work together despite a clear constitutional mandate on devolved functions.
The Governor shared his productivity agenda which has an economic revitalization strategies aimed at reducing poverty levels in the county, an area highlighted during the plenary as a key contributor to poor performance.
“We can’t isolate ourselves from the challenges facing the sector but rather identify them and come up with solutions that are tailor made to tackle them. I believe once we validate the productivity plan document through public participation we will be to address some of the challenges just through agriculture,” said the governor.
Mr Rutto committed to tame teenage pregnancies abound in the county by the ensuring culprits are brought to book.
Busia Governor Paul Otuoma with beneficiaries of the county bursary
“The two levels of government are like Siamese twins joined at the hip and thus want to assure you that we are committed to tame all these vices in our communities through chiefs and their assistants,” he said.
Ministry of education and teachers service commission officials in Busia James Ekaale and Charles Nyauma respectively,noted that teachers shortage compounded with high poverty index have negatively impacted the education output especially poor performance in national examinations compared to neighboring counties in Western.
Religious leaders led by fr Faustine Wesonga accused education stakeholders for lack of the goodwill to develop infrastructures in schools to attract more students and more capitation from national government.
The chief guest, Dr Robert Wafuna of Kibabii University and an Alumni of St Mathias Boys Busia, reiterated the need for parents to take up their roles in development of their schools rather than leaving the role to the government.
Governor Otuoma
The forum which also had the attendance of Deputy Governor HE Arthur Odera, Busia Senator Okiya Omutata, Budalangi MP Raphael Wanjala, USAID Chief of Party Orengo, Professor Okumu Bigambo, Professionals, Principals from best performing schools, teachers and students resolved to kick start countywide discussion on education quality and standards.
Establishment of a team experts and key stakeholders is also on the cards to convert the deliberations into action plan.
Other resolutions included the need for school managers to adopt best managing practices for learning institution, reward, recognise and encourage good performance at all levels and while leaders have been urged to work together to reduce the gap between the establishment and actual numbers.
Further, participants agreed to attract sons and daughters of Busia to actively engage in schools’ affairs through appointment to Board of Management and the need for regular interaction between stakeholders devoid of empty rhetoric.
Also present were County Executive Committee Members, Chief officers, County Public Service Board Members and Education Committee Members of the Busia County Assembly.

Joho defends himself after missing Azimio rallies, promise to lead the next protests

Atanas Walila, Mombasa Former Mombasa governor Hassan Joho said that he supports the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Ideologies. Joho said he has not been in the protests because of health reasons but promised to join soon after recovery. “I want to tell you something, I subscribe fully to the ideology of Raila Amolo Odinga. It must be known. I Am Raila and Raila is me, I am ODM and ODM is me, “said Joho He added: “It is only for health reasons I have been away. Even as we speak I have not recovered fully,” he added Joho’s faithfulness to Raila has been questioned for his failure to attend any of the meetings organized by Azimio. He not appeared in public meetings, neither has he given political comments since the last general election. He promised to join the demonstration both nationally and in the Coastal regions. “Immediately I feel well Raila will be behind the protests, I will lead, it must be known,” assured the Former governor End  

Counties to shut down operations over Sh94 billion arrears

By Iptisam Abdallah, Nairobi The Council of Governors resorted to shutting down services in counties due to delayed disbursement of funds by the National Treasury. CoG chairperson Anne Waiguru lamented that counties have not received allocations for four months and called upon the National Treasury to disburse Sh94.3 billion arrears with no further delays. “The four month delay is unprecedented to the history of devolution and negates the spirit of the meeting held in Naivasha between President William Ruto and the governors. We therefore call upon the Treasury to immediately release the Sh94.35 billion to counties,” said Waiguru “By dint of this, the council of Governors hereby issues a 14 days’ notice to shut down counties if February, March and April arrears are not released within two weeks,” she added Waiguru also condemned the senators for undermining devolution by voting to pass the 2023 division of Revenue Bill without amendment. Council of Governors “We wish to convey our dissatisfaction with the manner in which the Senate voted on the division of Revenue Bill, 2023, rejecting the amendment that would have seen the devolved units get Sh407 billion as equitable share in the F/Y 2022/2023,” she stated “We call upon the Senate to uphold their primary mandate that county governments are well resourced in order to perform their functions optimally,” she added. Waiguru disapproved the proposed attempt by the National government to claw back devolution by seeking to micromanage County governments mandate on revenue collection terming it as unconstitutional. “There is no reason why County Governments should be submitting particulars of new taxes to the national Treasury and CRA. The chapter 12 of the constitution gives the levels of the government distinct mandate on the revenue raising capabilities. Therefore the bill before the government unconstitutional. Counties are not subservient to national government,” she said. End  

Why my three days trip to Masai Mara was worth my time

By Bertha Lutome, Nairobi I have always desired to travel to Maasai Mara since I was young. This was fascinated by it being the largest National Reserve in Kenya, with the possibility of seeing the big five. I loved watching documentaries on National Geographic, about the animal kingdom and looked forward to visiting the park, so that I can tell the story of Africa, by an African. I scouted for travel agencies that have daily trips to Maasai Mara but was a little bit reluctant and wasn’t sure if I will sleep in a tented camp. I had crazy imaginations about the tent and preferred to wait longer before visiting the place. This took me one year to strategize before making the final decision and when the time came, I picked up my phone and called the travel agency that I had contacted before, to my surprise, the price had gone up, to make things worse, I had to pay more for single occupancy since it was a group joining safari, well, I didn’t understand that, until I got there.
Zebras at Maasai Mara National Reserve – Photo/Bertha Images
I was full of smiles and mixed feelings, eager to see the magical mara, I created an array of imaginations in my head and structured how I would pose for a photo in front of the Mara gate, like I see others do and share on social media. I quickly rushed to Nairobi town to purchase a classy travel bag and nice outfits from hawkers. You would be quick to judge that a piece of cloth goes for 100 shillings, only for you to select many and pay 300 shillings for one. Well, I managed to walk through the busy globe round about, up to Koja and finally at Odeon, where I purchased quality jeans, sleeping gowns and tops. You wouldn’t want to sleep in a t-shirt written ‘seng’enge ni ng’ombe’ while on a vacation, right?
An elephant at Maasai Mara National Reserve in Narok County- Photo/Bertha Images
With everything sorted, I had one free day to do laundry and pack before setting off to the Mara. I tried on the new outfits and looked for matching shoes, just to ensure that I didn’t pull up looking like a rainbow in the wild. Group joining safari. I woke up early in the morning, ready to interact with mother nature and see animals. It was a chilly, rainy morning, full of traffic in the CBD, however, all that did not deter me from arriving at my pickup station on time. I was curious to see and interact with other travelers on board. This also secured me a seat next to the driver in a light green, spacious land cruiser, that the tour guide referred to as an ‘avocado’ color. tha
Bertha Lutome at Maasai Mara National Reserve in Narok County-Phot0/Bertha Images
I knew well that creating a good rapport with him would help me capture good photos, indeed the trick worked to my advantage. I was then joined by two couples from different countries and the air was filled with good vibes and good music. We left the CBD at 08am and held our first stop over at the Great Rift Valley viewpoint. If you have used the Narok Mai-Mahiu road, you know pretty well how tempting the beautiful escarpment is, I mean, who would use that road and fail to take pictures, who? Anyway, the misty weather did not stop us from taking pictures and eating fresh corn oh, ‘mahindi choma’ from hawkers. The road was clear, unlike other days, where it is known for causing traffic snarl ups, just as the name “me’imayu” in Maasai, meaning impassable. Contrary to its meaning in Kikuyu, “hot water,” we did not gain access to the water, despite the cold weather.
A Leopard Maasai Mara National Reserve in Narok County – Photo/Bertha Images
We then drove down the slope and saw the smallest Catholic church structure in East Africa, that was constructed by Italian prisoners of war. The church is roughly 15 feet by 8 feet, assumes the shape of a pentagon and has four small wooden pews, an altar, and a pulpit. The beautiful scenery of Mai Mahiu, Loita plains, River Ewaso Nyiro, Suswa and Narok town kept us awake the whole journey, not forgetting the beautiful Maasai culture. Three days maasai mara game drive Screams of joy, playful children, plenty of livestock, Maasai Manyattas and women selling maasai accessories and crafts welcomed us to Maasai Mara as we drove towards the Oloolaimutia gate, after spending six hours on the road Yeei, the three-day safari had finally come to reality, we abided by the norm, came down from the cruiser and took photos of ourselves in front of the wide, Masai Mara National Reserve gate. Masai Mara is in South-West Kenya, it is the largest national reserve and one of Africa’s greatest wildlife reserves. It stretches 1,510 Sq Km and raises 1,500-2,170 meters above sea level. It is home to more than 95 species of mammals and 570 bird species. It is commonly known for the great wildebeest migration. Gazelles at at Maasai Mara National Reserve in Narok County-Photo/Bertha Images The park was green and had a huge plain field that was filled with special dessert date trees, better known as Balanites aegyptiaca that are dotted across the wide grassland area. The trees are said to grow naturally, from Elephant dung. The trees, plain fields, escarpments, and the beautiful sunset offer a memorable experience of the park. We started seeing Giraffes, Hyenas, Black-backed jackals, and Elephants approximately 200 meters from the main gate. The tour guide was in constant communication with fellow tour guides, hence making it easy for us to locate wild animals. ‘Joho’ as he was referred to by many, due to his resemblance of former Mombasa County governor, Hassan Joho, ensured that we saw all the big five in two days. We saw the king of the Savanna, the Cheetah, Buffalo, and black Rhino on the first day of our trip and the Leopard on the second day. A tour van The second day full game drive was climaxed by having lunch at the great mara river, where we saw hippos, up close. Our third day game drive did not have many new experiences apart from seeing the sausage tree that is used by the Maasai to make beer. Accommodation and meals There are a variety of hotels located in and out of the park and have various rates. I preferred sleeping at a tented budget camp outside the park and had the best camping experience. The place had plenty of balloons, the room is tented and uses a generator as a source of energy. The generator is automatically switched on at 5:30 am and is switched off at 10:00 pm, giving you enough time to reminisce about the day and plan for the next day. However, a borne fire was set up every night and we enjoyed playing games with Maasai warriors after having sumptuous meals at the restaurant. Maasai village You would certainly want to learn more about the Maasai culture when you are in Narok county. The final day of our trip came to an end after visiting the spectacular Maasai village, with more than 30 homesteads. We had the chance to enter the Manyatta and see Maasai Moran’s jump very high.
Lions at Maasai Mara National Reserve in Narok County-Photo/Bertha Images
The homesteads have low height dwellings and are made of mud, wood, and cow dung. They have small windows that make the house dark, even on sunny days. The huge homestead also has a large cow shed and uses twigs as it’s perimeter wall. The amazing trip that cost me Sh 20,500 sadly came to an end and we headed back to Nairobi, using the Sekenani gate. I would recommend Masai Mara to anyone who loves interacting with nature. Ends          

Ten thousand acres of land in Bunyala to be put under irrigation

By Benjamin Wafula, Busia The County Government of Busia will put over 10,000 acres of land under irrigation in Bunyala with additional acreage in Nambale and Malaba under rice farming. Governor Paul Otuoma’s move is to increase rice production in the county and streamline economic growth. The irrigation potential in the area is about 20,000 acres with over 20,000 direct beneficiaries spread over Busia and Siaya Counties. This was agreed on during a meeting between Governor Otuoma and area leaders led by Butula MP Joseph Oyula, Raphael Wanjala (Budalangi) and Mary Emase (Teso South). Principal Secretary for Irrigation Gitonga Mugambi and National Irrigation Board Chief Executive Officer were in attendance.
Governor Paul Otuoma and leaders from Busia County
In the meeting, it was also agreed that remaining civil works on block eight stretching 2.7km which lies in lower Nzoia Bunyala sub-county be completed within 14 days. “The construction of the primary and tertiary dykes to control flooding in Bunyala be completed within seven days,” said Governor Otuoma He added: “A joint inspection tour between the principal secretary Gitonga Mugambi and I the governor be done before the president comes to Busia for the launch in 14 days’ time,” It was also agreed that rice mills to be incorporated in the scope of the project for the Bunyala rice scheme and more private millers be encouraged to establish rice mills in the county. On the irrigation scheme along River Suo which started in 2014 covering Butula, Nambale, Matayos and Funyula, the CEO for National Irrigation Board reported that there was a design review and a new contractor Ms GL WILLIAMS Ltd was awarded the contract to complete the works in the four sub-counties by December 2023. On Angololo and Kocholia Dams, it was mutually agreed that upon completion of feasibility studies for the trans-boundary states will sign an MOU with African Development Bank to finance the massive project. Land compensation to the affected people in the implementation of the project was cited as a serious impediment in Bunyala. It was noted that the ministry of water had disbursed funds to National lands commission for compensation to affected people. Governor Paul Otuoma and leaders from Busia County It was decided in a meeting held with CEO National Land Commission that joint team between National Land Commission, Members of Parliament and County Government hold stakeholders’ meetings in entire Bunyala on April 21st and 22nd to resolve all issues relating to compensation. The County government of Busia and national government will embark on a joint venture to drench the wetlands in Bunyala in order to create land for farming with cooperative movements in the rice growing areas to be supported in management to ensure self-sustainability of the project. End    

Raila wants a position in the government, Deputy speaker Shollei says

By Yvonne Chebeni, Nairobi National Assembly Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei on April 17, has claimed that Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga’s intent by calling for talks similar to the 2008 National Accord, which was mediated by Koffi Annan, is to become the Prime Minister. This comes after Raila, while setting conditions for the bi-partisan talks, suggested that the engagement might not serve its intended purpose, hence he demanded a conversation at the national level similar to the one Kofi Annan settled between him and President Mwai Kibaki. Our suggestion is to have a conversation at the national level through a process a kin to the 2008 National Accord. It is the resolution of this meeting that a purely parliamentary process may not serve the intended ends,” stated Raila Shollei stated that Raila is using the nationwide protests as means to secure himself the Prime Minister position. “Raila should declare his true intentions and stop beating around the bush. Speaking on Citizen TV’s Daybreak , Shollei claimed that Raila’s objective is to force a parliamentary sitting to award him the top-ranking job. “When you hear them talking about the Kofi Annan issue, the reality of what Raila Odinga is asking is not that he would like to have the cost of living to come down or to help Kenyans. He’s just using that to whip us support from Kenyans. Actually, when he talks about Kofi Annan he wants to be Prime Minister,” she stated.
Raila Odinga
    “He wants a situation where we go back to parliament, go talk to people and then come back…that is what the Kofi Annan talks did, it gave him the position,” Shollei stated The Uasin Gishu woman representative added that the demands to open the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers are bootless errands since the matter was settled during the Supreme Court petition in August 2022. “He should just come out and tell us he wants the position of Prime Minister because why else is he trying to raise the issue of the server because he knows very well that the Supreme Court has confirmed that we won the elections end of story,” said Shollei. She added: “Azimio applied to the court to be allowed to open the servers. They asked for passwords and protocols. We all appeared at Anniversary Towers we had access to the server and I remember Azimio as a large contingent of experts.” “Then after that, there was a report which formed part of the documents presented before the Supreme Court.”

Hooliganism still a threat to Kenyan Football

By Atanas Walila, Kakamega The Kenya Premier League match between Kakamega Homeboyz and AFC Leopards was abandoned after angry fans engaged in stone throwing in Bukhungu Stadium on Sunday. Scenes began chaotic late in the first half when Leopards’ fans, Coach and players disagreeed with several decisions from the center referee. Ingwe fans stormed the pitch when the referee failed to penalise the Homeboyz goalkeeper Farouk Shikhalo for allegedly handleling the ball outside his box. Efforts by the security officers and matchday stewards to contain the angry fans were futile as they charged towards the referees. The ugly scenes prompted the home support to react, engaging their rival fans in running battles and stone throwing. Police had to call for backup reinforcement and were forced to fire tea gas to disperse the fans who had now blocked down the busy Kakamega-Webuye highway. The chairmen of both clubs defended their teams and blamed their opponents side for causing the situation. Homeboyz Chairman Cleophas Shimanyula claimed that Leopards fans resorted to anarchy because they feared defeat. “We were ready for Leopards and we were going to beat them, but what happened was uncalled for. I want to tell the fans that it’s not a must that the team you are supporting will win, in football you either win or lose,” Shimanyula said On the side, the Leopards Chairman Dan Shikanda blamed the center referee for alleged bias in officiating as well as poor security by the home team. “We traveled all the way for three points but it is unfortunate that the officials were biased and also the security was very poor regarding considering this was always going to be a tense match,” said Shikanda Kakamega governor Fernandez Barasa who was in attendance condemned the violence exhibited by fans and cautioned the match officials on making wrong decision
Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba (centre) and Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa (right)
      Kenyan Football has faced scenes like this and the Football Kenya Federation has not been able to contain situations in various playgrounds. Bandari FC Players were once forced to jump over the Bukhungu Stadium fences after Chaos erupted while facing Kakamega Homeboyz in 2021. The FKF Premier League match between Gor Mahia and Vihiga Bullets was called off after three fans were injured from such chaos at the Moi International Centre, Kasarani in February 13, 2022. AFC Leopards have faced several cases over  hooliganism when the team’s fans attacked match officials. Gor Mahia have also had similar cases including one against KCB where fans threw stones and water bottles on the pitch targeting the referee. The Federation’s president Nick Mwendwa has always come forward to condemn hooliganism in football as well as joining hands with the Independent Disciplinary and Complaints Committee (IDCC) which operates under the auspices of the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) to rule the cases in accordance with football regulations. Another ugly scene this year was seen in the match between Sony Sugar and Gor Mahia when Sony players refused to appear on the pitch for second half causing the angry Gor Mahia fans to invaded the pitch, causing distractions as well as closing the  Awendo-Migori road. Hooliganism has many disadvantages to the National Football and mostly local clubs which find hard time to restore their financial stability after this incidents. Sponsors keep away from the sport because of violent behaviour and this could be the reason why attendants are always low while other fans opting to watch international leagues. The federation must take immediate action to address this issue and ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future. It is essential to create safe spaces for sports fans to enjoy games without fear of violence or intimidation. This can be achieved by implementing strict security measures, such as increased police presence, CCTV surveillance, and strict screening of fans before entering the stadium as it is evident that relevant authorities have not been deploying adequate security officers during the match

Man found guilty of murder to serve 10years in jail, Kakamega court

By Atanas Walila and Ipthisam Abdallah, Kakamega A 41 year old man has been sentenced to serve 10 years in jail by a Kakamega Court after he was found guilty of killing his brother Kakamega High Court Judge, William Musyoka, convicted Shadrack Odindo of manslaughter of Benson Chapia on August 9,  2021, at Ebunyala village, Kisa West Location in Khwisero sub county. Elijah Okwako, their father found the two quarelling and stepped in to separate them. The accused , who was holding a knife, cut his right middle finger which started bleeding and proceeded to stab his brother. Attempts to take Chapia to hospital were in vain as he died before transport was found. His body was taken to Sonak Community Hospital Mortuary. The squabbles began after the deceased returned home to a missing pair of shoes he had earlier washed that day. The police rescued the accused from the pursuit of angered neighbors after locking himself in the house. He was taken to Khwisero police station. Reports from Dr Dickson Muchana, the government pathologist, indicated that internal bleeding from stabs was the cause of death. Odindo is said to have abused bhang and chang’aa and was found in possession of the same during his arrest. According to the judge, Odindo breached section 203 of the constitution which states that any person who of malice aforethought causes death of another person by unlawful act or omission is guilty of murder. In mitigation, the accused informed the  court that he has two children and  a wife who solely  depended on him. The court gave him 14 days to appeal the sentence if dissatisfied.        

Learn more about Urology a branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the urinary tract system and reproductive organs.

By Iptisam Abdallah, Kakamega Daylight struck  the skies flooding an orangish tinge  into the horizon as I trotted  along  Maraba road. As I was walking, a  rusty metallic door of a roadside house creaked open and a boy  of about 17 years came out with a damp mattress reeking of urine. A raspy feminine voice scolded at him “ Anika haraka na uoshe hayo makojoo. Kijana mkubwa unaniaibisha” He shamefully leaned it on a wall facing the sun and hurriedly disappeared in the house slamming the door shut. Curiosity gnawed my conscience as I tried to think of reasons of bed wetting at such a big age . It  then dawned on me that it could be an issue of Urology. Paving my way through mukombero and mandazi sellers along Kakamega road, I hurriedly walked towards the  magnificent Golf hotel where Urology doctors had a conference. I met two resident urologists from Kenyatta  National  Hospital,  who after warm handshakes and a little chit- chat agreed to  spill knowledge about Urology right into my absorbing brain. Donning smiles, we sat inside a gazebo, Dr. Abdalla mwadzingo , Dr. Luwi Wekesa and I, eyes on each other ready for a fruitful question answer session.   Urology ‘‘Urology also known as genitourinary surgery is a branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the urinary tract system and reproductive organs. A Urologist is a medical doctor specializing in conditions that affect the urinary tract in men, women and children. This system constitutes the bladder, kidneys, ureters and urethra which are responsible for keeping the body clean. A Urologist also treats conditions involving reproductive organs and adrenal glands.’’ explained Dr. Abdalla . ‘Urologists treat an entire spectrum, including patients of all ages, gender and socio-economic status.’’ He added. The Genitourinary system Whilst wondering what such a difficult medical term meant, the two doctors warmly smiled and took turns explaining to me in the simplest way possible. ‘’The genitourinary system are the organs of the reproductive system and urinary system that urologists treat.  They are grouped together due to their proximity to each other, their common embryological origin and the use of common pathways. The urinary tract is the system that creates , stores and removes urine from the body. It  is composed of kidneys which are the organs that filter waste out of the blood to produce urine, ureters which are tubes through which urine flows from kidneys to the bladder, bladder which is the hollow sac that stores urine, urethra which is the tube through which urine travels from the bladder out of the body and adrenal glands which are the glands located on top of each kidney that release hormones.’’ said Dr. Abdalla. Taking his turn to explain, Dr. Luwi continued; ‘The male reproductive organs are inclusive in the genitourinary system. This organs include the penis which is an organ that releases urine and carries sperm out of the body, prostate which is the gland underneath the bladder that adds fluid to sperm to produce semen and testicles which are two oval organs inside the scrotum that make hormone testosterone and produce sperm,’’     Conditions that Urologists treat ‘’Urologists treat a wide variety of conditions that affect the urinary system. In men, urologists commonly treat cancers of the bladder, kidneys, penis, adrenal and prostate glands, prostate gland enlargement known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, interstitial cystisis and other bladder disorders, kidney diseases and kidney stones, prostatitis which is inflammation of the prostate gland, urinary tract infection, varioceles or enlarged veins in the scrotum and urethral stricture. In women, Urologists often treat urinary incontinence, bladder prolapse which is the dropping of the bladder in the vagina, cancers of the bladder, kidneys and adrenal glands, bladder conditions such as interstitial cystisis and overactive bladder, kidney and ureteral stones as well as ureteral infections. In children, urologists commonly treat congenital diseases that cause urinary blockage, infections or difficulties urinating, bladder dysfunction that can be a cause of bed-wetting, circumcision revision, kidney conditions such as duplex kidney and kidney dysplasia ’’ Explained Dr. luwi.   When to consult a Urologist ‘’A Urologist should be consulted on  occasions where one experiences changes in urination patterns to frequent, trouble in urinating  ranging from a strong flow of urine, cloudy urine, blood stained urine to pain during urination, trouble getting or keeping an erection in men, infertility, vaginal heaviness or a feeling of something falling into it in females, pelvic pain and unwanted  urination at night , when sneezing laughing or exercising.’’ Said Dr. Luwi. Sub-specialties of Urology ‘’Urology is referred to as a surgical sub-specialty requiring four years of under-graduate education, four years of medical school and an additional five to six years of residency. After residency urologists can pursue advanced coursework and training in areas of urology of their interest that are referred to sub-specialties. Sub-specialties of Urology include, urological oncology,laparascopy, pedriatic urology, andrology, endourology, female urology, reconstructive urology,  and neurorology, ‘’ Confused of the constituents of the sub-specialties mentioned, Dr. Luwi smiled and further explained, ‘’The subspecialties involve; Urological oncology that is a medical specialty with  surgeons who focus on the treatment of cancer in the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. Laparascopy, on the other hand  consists of  surgeons who perform minimally invasive surgeries using laparascopes which are cameras that see through the abdomen as an alternative to convectional open surgery. Pedriatic urology has  specialized surgeons who can diagnose, treat and manage childrens urinary and genital problems.’’ Taking a short pause, he continued, ‘’Andrology is aspecialist area of medicine involving male health issues such as fertility problems and sexual dysfunction. Endourology/ Calculi  is a minimally invasive technique used to treat kidney stones and involves the stones being extracted or fragmented using tiny instruments through natural body channels such as the urethra , the bladder and ureter. Female urology is a  sub-specialty that  focuses on conditions of a woman’s reproductive and urinary tract. Reconstructive urology is  a sub-specialty of urology that focuses on restoring both structure and function to the genitourinary tract. Lastly, Neurourology  focuses on the nervous systems control of genitourinary organs. Urological tests and treatments ‘’Before treatment, urologists have to run tests on patients to properly diagnose a disease for effective treatment procedures. The tests include; A variety of blood and urinary tests, studies of the bladder and lower urinary system called urodynamics  to assess function of these structures, cystoscopy using a thin endoscope called a cytoscope to see inside the urethra and the bladder, imaging such as CT scan, MRI scan, PET scan, or ultrasound and contrast studies of the bladder or kidneys.’’ said Dr. Abdalla. Taking his turn, Dr. Luwi guided me into the treatment procedures. ‘’Urological doctors use surgery as a treatment procedure. The  surgeries involve endoscopic removal of the prostate, a kidney transplant, which involves replacing a diseased kidney with a healthy one, robotic surgery to remove bladder, kidney or prostate to treat cancer, extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy which is kidney stone removal or laser fragmentation of kidney and uteretic stones, cystoscopy, formation of a stoma to divert urine into a bag , scrotal surgery, a sling procedure which involves using strips of mesh to support the urethra and keep it closed to treat urinary incontinence and vasectomy which involve cutting and tying the vas deferens.’’ Contented with the loads of information I got about urology, I thanked the doctors and exchanging nice-to-meet –you handshakes, I left a happy soul.  

Ottichilo nominates Chief Officers, now awaits assembly vetting

By Atanas Walila, Vihiga. Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo has nominated chief officers who will help him in running the affairs of the devolved unit. Philip Alwodi Gavuna was nominated the County Chief Officer in the Office of the Governor as James Atemba Khalayi takes on Chief Officer-Accounting, Revenue and Supply Chain Management. Joseph Kiverenge Sormie was nominated to the  Planning, Budget, Monitoring and  Evaluation docket  while Mulianga Betty Alosa will Chief Officer in the Department of Public Service Management  and ICT. Mary Susan Anyiendah will head  Health Services docket as chief officer as  Kamadi Dominic Luvavo will be driving the wheel in Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. In the Department of Environment, Water, Energy and Natural Resources, Boiyo Richard Kipkemboi and  Vincent Andati Kutai was nominated as Officers in charge of Environment, Natural Resources and Climate and Officer in charge of Water and Sanitation respectively.
Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo
Victor Kivaya Cheye was nominated the Chief Officer, Department of Physical Planning, Lands, Housing and Urban Development. Ibrahim Bulma Memba and Mary Mbiti Jemaiyo was recommended in the Department of Gender, Culture, Youths, Sports and Social Services as Chief Officers Youth & Sports and Gender, Culture & Social Services respectively. The Public Service Board found Roger Christopher Etale Tunya fit as the Chief Officer in the Department of Transport and Infrastructure. In the Education sector, Noel Malanda was proposed in the Department of Education, Science and Technical Vocational Training. The statement mentioned that nomination for the position of County Chief Officer for Commerce, Tourism and Cooperatives shall await determination of Constitutional Petition No. 6 of 2023 pending before the Employment and Labour Relations Court (ELRC) Bungoma. The relevant notification of the nomination to the County Assembly and information concerning each nominee shall be lodged with the Clerk of the County Assembly as required by the law not later than the following day after the announcement. The nominated persons therefore awaits vetting and approval by the Vihiga County Assembly and subsequent appointment to the positions of County Chief Officer in the respective department of the County. End