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Wetang’ula’s father wants grabbed cultural land repossessed by county government  

By Micah Sali, Bungoma

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula father has called upon the County Government of Bungoma to repossess grabbed cultural land.

Speaking at the Gender and Culture offices in Bungoma town, Mzee Dominic Wetang’ula told Governor Ken Lusaka’s administration to repossess 82 acres of public land grabbed at Mayanja area in Kanduyi constituency that had been used in the past as a venue for Bukusu cultural ceremonies.

The cultural leader said that the Bukusu community should establish a cultural center like the Wanga,Iteso,Batura,Tachoni and Sabaoti communities  to celebrate their  cultural values.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba with Bungoma Gender and Sports Minister Agnes Wachie at a past function

Mzee Dominic said that the Sang’alo cultural center was established for the purpose of celebrating cultural values and traditions of the six major tribes living in Bungoma who include the Bongomek,Batura,Babukusu,Iteso,Sabaoti and the Tachoni communities.

“The Wanga have their house at Matungu,Sabaoti at Kapsokwony,Teso’s at Kabkara, the Bukusu house should be at Tulyenge or Marakaru” said Mzee  Dominic.

Mzee Dominic urged Governor Lusaka to work with the council of elders to ensure the grabbed land is repossessed and used for its intended purpose.

“We can pinpoint the boundaries of the land at Tulyenge in Malakisi and Marakaru for celebrations used by the Bukusu community after the end of the second world war,” he added.

Bungoma County Executive Committee Member (Cecm) in charge of Gender, culture,youth and Sports Eng. Agnes Wachie exuded confidence that they will ‘ensure land earmarked for cultural events’ is repossessed  and given back to the community.

Ms Wachie said that the Bukusu community should use circumcision, marriage ceremonies and conflict resolution meetings to unite the community and maintain blood covenants for posterity.

She called on the elders to ensure that the council has democratically established representation from the clan level to represent the aspirations of the people at the elder’s council summit.

Phillip Wekesa, a human rights crusader, called on the elders to establish a legal framework for the cultural institution of Inzu ye Bamasaaba and support the designate Umukuka III Jude Mike Mudoma who will be coronated at Mutoto,Mbale city in Eastern Uganda on  October 14 2023.

President Yoweri Museveni and the Kenyan Speaker of the National assembly are expected to lead a high-powered delegation to the fete.

Masaaba had 3 sons,Mwambu,Mubuuya and Wanaale who include the Bagishu and Babukusu communities of Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya.

The Umukuka III Jude Mudoma is expected to have a consultative meeting with  the Bamasaaba communities living in Kenya on Sunday, October 8 to explain his agenda for the community while in office for the next 5 years.

His highness Jude Mike  Mudoma(UMUKUUKA III) who will be accompanied by a battery of dignitaries from Inzu ye Bamasaaba from Uganda  will meet elders, prominent leaders,youth,women  and eminent cultural leaders .





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