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Raila to Ruto : ‘Tame you tongue Mr President’

By Aggrey Barasa, Kakamega
Azimio leader Raila Odinga has slammed President William Ruto over remarks on sugar cartels.
President Ruto said “You have three choices: leave Kenya, face jail, or go to heaven,”
These remarks are the ones that Raila has termed reckless.
Raila  accused President Ruto of ‘pretending’ to restore sanity in the sugar sector because of his selfish interests.
“You tell people I’m going to solve this problem, yet you have your own people, the ones you want to put there (in the sugar industry).” Raila said
Raila further said that  Ruto’s threats to the investors was uncalled-for, saying that the statement was not supposed to come from a someone of his stature.
President William Ruto
“What kind of talk is that?” he posed. “Is that what a Head of State should say?
Raila also faulted  Ruto’s understanding of the rule of law, arguing that it is not right to promise to take someone to jail without trial.  “If you say that you can jail someone without trial, what kind of a country are we living in?”.
The president while on a five day tour in western Kenya had warned sugar cartels  over their interference in the revival of mumias sugar company.
“That company belongs to the people of Kenya. We shall not entertain any cases over the company.” The president said while referring to Mumias sugar company
“I have ordered them to withdraw the cases from the court, and I have also ordered them to leave!” President Ruto said sternly in reference to the Rai brothers.


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