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Ibubi girls to replace Madira Girls for Safaricom Chapa Dimba games

By Stella Atemi, Vihiga

Ibubi girls (Maroon Queens) to replace Madira Girls (soccer assassins) from the Chapa Dimba games that are set to take place at Bukhungu Stadium over the weekend at the regional level.

Madira Soccer Assassins who made to Safaricom Chapa Dimba this year were set to face Lugari Progressive at the regional.

However Lugari Progressive will now face Maroon Queens who have replaced the Madira soccer Assassins in the tournament.

The communication from FKF and Safaricom officials who are the sponsors of the tournament said the finals will go on as set on their program.

“Now that position one from Vihiga county on ladies side is taking part on School games at the East African regional competitions we shall replace them with position two

Madira are being replaced as they participating in East African School Games that are taking place in Rwanda after securing position three at the National school games that were held in Kakamega.

The Eight teams are set to participate in the completion and they Include Chakol Queens from Busia set to face off  Brenda Girls from Bungoma County in the opening match.

Kakamega county boys’ champions, the Menace, face Ebwali Boys from Vihiga as Busia champions, John Osogo alias JSS, battle it out against Bungoma’s Compel Sportif.

To reach the regional finals, Ebwali whipped Bunyore Assassins 4-1 in a post-match penalty shootout, following a goalless draw in regular time.

Maroon Queens suffered a 1-0 defeat from Madira Soccer Assassins in Vihiga county however Maroon queens takes over as Madira focus on East African School Games.

In Bungoma, Compel Sportiff and Brenda Girls secured their places in the regional finals after defeating Sirare Youth and Kim Girls 2-0 and 6-0 respectively.

From Busia, John Osogo beat The Teen of Hope 1-0 while Chakol Queens beat Kingandole Queens 4-1. In Kakamega, The Menace and Lugari Progressive advanced by defeating Lugusi 5-4 on penalties and Kakamega Starlets 6-0 respectively.

“After winning the county finals, we immediately embarked on rigorous training. I know it’s not going to be a walk in the park but we’re hoping for the best as we look to the national finals. Our goal is nothing less than victory,” said Dickson Simiyu of Brenda Girls



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