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Bungoma professionals tell off Ruto over the controversial Finance Bill

By Bronley Kidari, Bungoma

Professionals from Bungoma have told President William Ruto that the controversial finance bill 2023 will just make Kenyans poor.

They said that many companies will be forced to downsize in order to reduce their wage bill and remain afloat.

In an interview with the Press, Douglas Malala, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for EVONIK Industries and in charge of all professionals from Bumula working in Nairobi, he said that the bill was not going to improve the economy of the country but instead it will be a burden to Kenyans.

Malala said the 16 per cent VAT on fuel was going to wreak havoc when it trickled down the economy because everything revolves around fuel.

“The proposed 16 per cent VAT on fuel and fuel products will make the cost of living unbearable because everything within the economy revolves around fuel,” Malala said.

He further stated that the 1.5 per cent tax proposed for the housing project was a burden.

He said that people had invested in plots and mortgages and built houses.

“The 1.5 per cent tax proposed toward the housing project by the government is not a priority currently hence the government should be working to reduce the poverty rate in the country,” he said.

Malala said the 35 per cent tax on every Kenyan earning Sh500,000 and above was not just about salary but it was going to affect even the small investors in the country.

He called out the government for forgetting to support the poor people as they had promised during campaigns.

Malala stated that the government was not fighting for the common Mwananchi by appointing more cabinet secretaries, permanent secretaries and investing in government cars and spending millions on visitors in the statehouse.

He further stated that some sections were allocated with a lot of cash that was not necessary at the moment. For instance, he said the emergency locust response which had been allocated 2.8billion was unrealistic.

“The Sh2.8billion allocated for emergency locust response is unrealistic because even if the locust do not come,  the money has to be spent,” he said

He said in Bumula they had initiatives where they organized and met professionals from different fields, held forums and discussed development programs and projects.

Malala called out the government to invest in where money will circulate and yield results instead of investing in projects that money put in remains stagnant.

Busia senator, Okiya Omtatah also thrashed the finance bill saying that everything proposed in the bill are not priorities for Kenyans adding that Kenya needed more industries and not houses as proposed.

Omtatah demanded that the cost of production in Kenya should go down so as to create an investor friendly environment for investors to come.

“Everything Ruto has proposed is of no benefit to the common mwananchi but a well escalated plan to wreck the economy,” he said.

However, the Busia senator said that due to the constitutional amendments the bill will not pass through the senate therefore asked the public to look at the leaders who voted in the finance bill as betrayers.

Omtatah revealed that a section of western leaders from the western region had piled pressure on him to withdraw the finance bill petition in court saying that he will not betray the region who have entrusted his fight.







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