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Raila wants a position in the government, Deputy speaker Shollei says

By Yvonne Chebeni, Nairobi

National Assembly Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei on April 17, has claimed that Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga’s intent by calling for talks similar to the 2008 National Accord, which was mediated by Koffi Annan, is to become the Prime Minister.

This comes after Raila, while setting conditions for the bi-partisan talks, suggested that the engagement might not serve its intended purpose, hence he demanded a conversation at the national level similar to the one Kofi Annan settled between him and President Mwai Kibaki.

Our suggestion is to have a conversation at the national level through a process a kin to the 2008 National Accord. It is the resolution of this meeting that a purely parliamentary process may not serve the intended ends,” stated Raila

Shollei stated that Raila is using the nationwide protests as means to secure himself the Prime Minister position. “Raila should declare his true intentions and stop beating around the bush.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Daybreak , Shollei claimed that Raila’s objective is to force a parliamentary sitting to award him the top-ranking job.

“When you hear them talking about the Kofi Annan issue, the reality of what Raila Odinga is asking is not that he would like to have the cost of living to come down or to help Kenyans. He’s just using that to whip us support from Kenyans. Actually, when he talks about Kofi Annan he wants to be Prime Minister,” she stated.

Raila Odinga



“He wants a situation where we go back to parliament, go talk to people and then come back…that is what the Kofi Annan talks did, it gave him the position,” Shollei stated

The Uasin Gishu woman representative added that the demands to open the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers are bootless errands since the matter was settled during the Supreme Court petition in August 2022.

“He should just come out and tell us he wants the position of Prime Minister because why else is he trying to raise the issue of the server because he knows very well that the Supreme Court has confirmed that we won the elections end of story,” said Shollei.

She added: “Azimio applied to the court to be allowed to open the servers. They asked for passwords and protocols. We all appeared at Anniversary Towers we had access to the server and I remember Azimio as a large contingent of experts.”

“Then after that, there was a report which formed part of the documents presented before the Supreme Court.”



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