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Business at standstill as Kakamega residents run for their lives during protests

By Kayugira Dante, Kakamega

On Monday 20th, the opposition leader Raila Odinga led protest in the country over high price on the commodity and request on reforms on IEBC.

In his speech, the opposition leader,“ the protest will be all over the country,”

Last week the opposition leader Raila Odinga announced on Monday 20th as public holiday set for demonstration on commodity and reforms on IEBC .

“In the name of Azimio one Kenyia Alliance, we declare that Monday, March 20 will be a public holiday,” Raila said

“Ruto must go, Ruto must go ,” the Kakamega residents shouted as they tried to participate in the protest.

The police raided the Central Business District (CBD) of Kakamega town with teargas making the residents to run for their life and go to a normal daily routine.

The whole country was set to demonstrate and fight what is right. Nairobi and Kisumu counties lead among other counties.

“ Kakamega residents are cowards. Imagine they went on with their daily routine. I think they are not affected by the price on commodity,”  Millicent Awinja one of the protesters said.




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