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Khwisero MP Aseka Miradi blasts Supreme Court for legitimasing same sex

By Atanas Walila, Kakamega

Khwisero MP Christopher Aseka Miradi has blasted the Supreme Court for ordering the registration for LGBTQ registration as an NGO.

Aseka who spoke at Amalemba grounds during an Azimio rally, he said that the apex court decision rule in favour of the LGBTQ activist was an act of devilish that should not be condoned.

The MP said that Kenyans should ignore the ruling and stick to the Bibical teachings where a man should marry a woman and not a man marrying a fellow man.

“Supreme court is wicked, same sex marriage is devilish. Will you allow a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a fellow woman? I am pleading with all the youth to marry from different sex as stated in the bible,” Aseka said

Supreme Court judges on Friday ruled that it was unconstitutional to limit the right to associate through denial of registration of an association based on the sexual orientation of the applicants.

The judges ruled three to two in favour of the petitioner, ending a 10 year legal battled which began in 2013.










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