Comedian Eric Omondi arrested for leading demonstrations outside the Parliament due to increased cost of living

Comedian Eric Omondi/Photo/Courtesy

By Atanas, Nairobi

Comedian Eric Omondi has been arrested after attempting to storm the Parliament in protest against the high cost of living.

Eric Omondi had led other bare-chested activists in demonstrating in opposition to the rising prices of basic commodities in the country.

Their attempts to forcefully make way inside Parliament buildings was cut off after officers on duty refused to let them in.

The group sat across Parliament road, obstructing traffic, as they sang songs to rally youth to struggle for better living conditions.

Comedian Eric Omondi/Photo/Courtesy

“Vijana msilale, lake lale, vijana msilale, Bado mapambano, mapambano, bado mapambano,” they sang while calling on the Kenya Kwanza leaders to act on the rising cost of living describing it as an economic crisis.

The youths were carrying posters written “high cost of living” high cost of electricity” “stima juu, taxi juu” during the protest.

The comedian with some of his fellows were bundled in a police van and driven away to unknown police station.



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