Joy to Likuyani and Lugari Residents as Governor Barasa delivers drugs worth ksh23.6 million to their Level 4 Hospitals

Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa

By Atanas Walila, Kakamega

Likuyani and Lugari sub-counties can now smile after The Governor of
Kakamega Fernades Barasa donated drugs and non pharms worth Ksh.23.6
million to their level IV hospitals on Monday 30th January 2023.

The Governor cautioned all the cartels in the medical staff who break the law by selling drugs to patients instead of giving out for free.” The county government is
keeping an eye on such cartels and anyone who is caught will be charged
according to the law.’

“I urge the residents to assist the government in identifying doctors who misuse the county resources in the health sector,” he addeed
The Governor also congratulated all the loyal health providers and
encouraged them to offer quality services.

Hon. Barasa assured residents of Kakamega that he is in a journey of improving
medical services in the county for the benefit of the residents.


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