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Campaign to end disinformation in Kenya launched

By Seliphar Musungu, Kakamega  

Spread of disinformation in Kenya especially through social media has become a daily routine and this was mostly witnessed during the Corona pandemic and the August election.

According to Kenya Correspondents Association disinformation spread on social media had a bad intention of misleading Kenyans. 

 “Disinformation has injured communities starting from Covid 19 pandemic until now you will find out that some cannot go for vaccination because of the kind of misinformation they hear. Some voters could not vote for the correct candidate because of disinformation they were told about a particular candidate. There is a lot of disinformation in Kenya not only in politics, even in agriculture especially on GMO and in communities.” Said Janak

Oloo Janak – KCA National Chairman

Chairman of Kenya Correspondents Association Mr. Oloo Janak said that there is a need to collaborate with the community to end disinformation in the country. He also called upon the journalists to air verified news as they can easily be used to spread disinformation. 

 “This campaign to end disinformation in Kenya is not for journalists alone, it is for the whole community. Journalists should always be careful on what they air. I appeal to journalists from different media houses to follow media ethical rules of Media Council act 2013.” Saud Janak

 Janak asked media houses to have a long term arrangement when it comes to firing journalists to prepare them psychologically. He urged media houses to always adhere to the law that is protecting journalists as it is indicated in the international  labor organization. 

“Sacking of journalist without proper following proper might cause harm to journalists like psychological torture to those journalist who have families to feed. Some are even sacked through text messages and are send memos that is nit the proper channel.” Said Janak

He has also urged Kenyans to be careful this festive season as he advised drivers to be extra careful and follow traffic rules.

 “I appeal to public service drivers to be careful of different people. Some are family  bread winners and Kenyans also exercise caution when travelling in any form of public transport and avoid  drinking recklessly.” He said  

 Finance officer and coordinator Rose Mwangi advised parents to spend considerably, putting in mind that schools will be open soon. 

 “Parents should make wise decisions when spending money this festive season as soon as school opens. Should make wise financial decisions and I encourage women to have a strong personality when making financial decisions.




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