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Governor Barasa : Don’t make noise to get cheap political mileage, nomination of county ministers was above board

By Seliphar Musungu, Kakamega
Kakamega County Governor Fernandes Barasa and his deputy Ayub Savula have dismissed claims of biasness during the selection of  the County Executive Committee (CEC) Members.

The duo said that the exercise was above board as they ensured that there was  regional and ethnic  balance when they nominated members of there maiden cabinet.

Governor Barasa who spoke at the swearing  in ceremony of the CEC members at Bukhungu stadium on Wednesday, he said that  he equally distributed the positions and that those chastising his appointees should find something else to do.
“Many were complaining that Lugari and Malava sub counties were neglected during the selection of CECs but you have now seen CECs and other senior county  officers from Lugari and Malava. Selection of CECs was fair to every sub county in Kakamega,” said Barasa

He added : “Am focused on service delivery and propagandists will not stop my adminstration from implementing the promises I made to the electorate during the electioneering period. My detractors are just making noise in order to get cheap political mileage,”

Barasa however new county ministers to focus on there mandate and serve the tax payers diligently.

“We advise our incoming CECs to focus on working in their different ministries in order to help me deliver the promises I made to the Kakamega people during the campaign period,” said Barasa

Barasa also warmed the CECs not to take part in any corruption related activities in their various ministries instead to serve Kakamega County residents equally. 

” Corruption has been a problem in the county and this unethical behavior should be a thing of the past.  Delivery of services to the people of Kakamega county should be free and fair,” said Barasa 

The County boss explained that their is need for the county government to work closely with the national government in order to complete some of the county projects that have stalled and  require national government funding like the Level (VI) hospital. 

Mr Savula, the deputy governor however maintained   that they still loyal members of Azimio despite working with the national government. 

“As the Kakamega county leaders we shall collaborate with the government of William Samoei Ruto because we need to complete projects that require funding from the national government like level 6 hospital which should be funded by the national government,” said Savula

Some of the CECs that have been sworn in are Peninnah Mukabane ( Lands and Urbanization),  Livingston Imbayi (Finance), Ayub Savula ( Trade, Industrialization and Tourism),  Godfrey Owuor (Education), Benard Wesonga (Health) and Mariam Barasa (Water).



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